Cross Oak Advises Clients In A Variety Of Sectors







Right Message. Right People. Right Way.

Our partners fundamentally understand today’s decision-makers and what makes them tick. We know politics, we know business, and we know policy. Above all, we know where those worlds collide and how to effectively manage competing interests to our clients’ benefit.

We don’t report on outcomes, we change them.

Your story doesn’t matter if no one hears it (or if it’s told in the wrong way). We direct engagement to the policymakers, thought and opinion leaders, regulators and stakeholders that matter most. And through decades of experience, we know which buttons to push with whom.  We deliver the right messages to the right people in the right ways.

Market & Business Development

Not every market in Texas is a “free market”, no matter what the brochure says. Free or regulated, we help put our clients in position to expand their presence in their chosen markets. We have a record of changing the status quo in sectors ranging from energy, to craft beer, to health care, to international trade.

Policy Counsel

We tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Sometimes this means telling them that they can’t always get what they want, no matter how hard the fight. False expectations make for faulty decision-making and, ultimately, bad outcomes. We deal in reality and help our clients find their way to the best solutions in the most direct and transparent way possible.

Legislative & Regulatory Strategy

Cross Oak’s partners fundamentally understand the byzantine parliamentary and regulatory processes that govern our clients’ interests. We know the people in Austin and Washington who control the levers of power—and we know what makes those people tick. We work in close consultation with our clients to provide clarity and shape strategies that deliver results.

Issue and Brand Profiling

Cross Oak invests in the front-end work to develop effective long-term messaging and strategy. Time and attention to detail at the outset of an engagement ultimately saves valuable client resources down the road and prevents unintended consequences. And, most importantly, we believe that the best facts usually win. We commit ourselves to developing the best case before we prosecute it.

Financial Engagement Strategy

We advise our clients on strategic financial support for political candidates and causes, charitable organizations, and outside public engagement campaigns. Sometimes big budget efforts backfire—or create unmanageable long-term expectations. We focus on making the most relevant and appropriate investments that will move the needle.

Stakeholder Engagement

Sometimes outside validation is what it takes to close the deal. Cross Oak’s partners enjoy decades worth of credibility and relationships with key influencers around Texas, Washington and across the United States. We also fundamentally believe in the power of grassroots. We offer sophisticated counsel and proven success at public outreach for those times when there need to be more voices in the room.